About Us

Indy Wrestling Life Flip
Picture courtesy of Zeke Dane

Indy Wrestling Life is a site devoted to celebrating all those on the Indy Wrestling Circuit, and that means everyone, from the fans, to the promoters, to the announcers and the refs, to those who take the tickets and sell t-shirts and everyone in between.

With the scores of promotions all over the world, it’s difficult to be seen, and Indy Wrestling Life is providing any wrestler who wants more exposure to join us and bring others along.

Due to the number of promotions all over, the Indy Wrestling business is extremely fragmented, and we hope that we can be a unifying factor. We’re not looking to create a new channel, or try to be kingmakers.

One of the things that Indy Wrestlers must realize is that in order to create a sustainable income, you need to diversify. Wrestlers are natural born actors, we will be providing additional exposure to interested talent in the form of feature films, web series, and TV series.

We will never charge anyone for the spotlight series. This is not a profit center.  No one is under any obligation to purchase anything from us.  We love the business.  If you can donate from time to time to keep us going, that’s great, too.

This isn’t a work. We mean business about lifting up each other UP in the business. We invite you to join us.