Alan Kay

In which city do you live?
I am currently living in Sheffield, England but was born in Doncaster.

How long have you been in the business?
I have been training since March 21st 2015 and had my debut match in August of that year.

What inspired you want to get into the business?
Honestly? It felt like a mid-life crisis, It was about the time that my son was able to talk to people and I didn’t want him growing up saying “My Daddy works in an office” I wanted him to think his dad was the coolest ever. So myself and friend, Nick, found our local school and thought we’d give it a go!

Where did you learn to wrestle?
I currently train at NCWA in Rotherham
What are your signature moves and/or your finishers?
I use a running lariat as a signature move and The Pedigree as a finish.

What promotions have you wrestled for?
I have wrestled for Elite British Wrestling, Phoenix Events as well as appearances for Megaslam UK and Leicester Championship Wrestling Elevation.

What injuries have you sustained?
Numerous bumps to the old noggin, but the worst and probably funniest injury was a dislocated shoulder. I wasn’t even wrestling at the time! I was doing a run in on my rival at the time “Dirtbag” Dave Stewart, jumped in the ring and cracked him with a championship and ran away. As I ran away, I slipped or tripped on something and went flying to the floor, realising I was about to go crashing in to the merch desk I put my arm out to stop myself and then landed on the floor and out it came. EVERYONE saw. At the time I was devastated. Now, I see it as one of the funniest moment of my career. I even wrestled later in the night

Are you a face or a heel?
I am a big old meanie.

What style(s) do you do?
I can mix it up but I have been described as a brawler. Although I am able to flips, dives and stuff I just think its better I keep my feet on the ground

What’s your entrance music?
Why did you choose it? Why did you choose it? Eat You Alive by Limp Bizkit and I didn’t choose it. It was chosen for me! I hate the song but it works so well for the character I portray.

Tell us about your first and/or your most memorable match.
My first singles match is one that will always stand in my memory for all the wrong reasons. It was against Sam “The Killer” Kenny. It was my debut and Sam hadn’t been doing shows that long either and the match fell apart. We had planned every single thing from start to finish, then forgot it at the beginning. We lost the crowd, commentators and each other. Bloody awful.

What’s the best advice anyone in the business has given you?

While attending a seminar with Drew Galloway he said “You’re not here to just entertain the wrestling fans. They already like wrestling. You’re here to entertain the Mum, Granny or Uncle that’s been dragged here. The wrestling fans will always be around but the friends and family of wrestling fans won’t be, we need to convince them to come back next time”

Who would you like to wrestle in the business? Why?
My dream match at my level would be Rockstar spud. Having met him a couple times and spoke to him about entertainment in our business I would love to get in the ring and just learn things from him. Ideal match at any level?  Triple H, Wrestlemania. Easy.


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Alan Kay vs Paul Malen – EBW Catch Championship

Alan Kay vs “Dirtbag” Dave Stewart in a “Monsters Brawl” Match

The Monsters (ALan Kay, Sam Kenny, Jason Jacob & Ivy) vs Team Dirtbag (Dave Stewart, Gary Farmer, Timberwolfe and Esther)