Change Yourself And Your Career Will Follow

As we continue to interview wrestlers throughout the world, we keep hearing some really inspirational things, but we’re also hearing some things about how some people would like to change the business.

One word that keeps cropping up is the word entitlement. Some wrestlers are more gifted athletes and performers than others who have to have to work harder at it. Just because you’ve paid your dues at a school that may have some element of prestige attached to it, or you had a bit part on a WWE show, or jobbed for one of the talent, or made it to Tough Enough, it means you have a taste of what could be. It should not be your claim to fame, nor that you should automatically think you should be propelled to Main Event status.

If you’re believing your own hype, stop it. If you think that being a heel outside of the ring is going to win you friends and gain allies in the business, knock it off. And if you think that people should just find you out on social media and just show up to your shows because you’re just that damn good, think again.

If you’re a good wrestler but you won’t market yourself on a consistent basis, you’re going to stay stuck in small show for little or no pay. You will continue to tread water.

Think about it. If you aren’t willing to connect with your fans and your community, how the hell can you expect them to pay money to show up to your shows, let alone buy your t-shirts? If you are not providing them with a compelling reason to interact with you, why they shouldn’t invest in you, and you’re unwilling to invest in them, then you will become disillusioned and burn out, and become bitter toward the business.

How are you showing up to your shows? Are you coming in dressed casually and taking the “this is just an indy show” attitude? Are you coming in with an attitude because you know that you’re not getting paid or you might get paid based on ticket sales, which is code for you might get gas money if you’re lucky? Let’s be clear. No one held a gun to your head. Taking the gig was your choice. Being unprofessional is not an option.

Are please and thank you part of your vocabulary? If not, you might want to really take a look at that. If you can’t define the word humility, chances are you’re not practicing it.

People remember how you show up. People remember attitudes and bad news travels fast. And if you’ve ever done a shoot on a rookie to get them out of a promotion, or actively bashed another wrestler, hang up your tights and sell your boots on eBay. You are not that special.

As 2016 winds down and the number of shows start to dwindle, take some time to reflect on how you’ve showed up for yourself, for your fans, and as a businessman, because this isn’t show friends… it’s show business.

Ask people you trust for feedback. Tell them to be honest. Feedback is information. It’s only negative or positive depending on the emotional charge you put on it.

Change comes from within, and we guarantee that as you start to change, ditch the negative beliefs and come from a place of gratitude and possibility, your life inside and outside the business will change around you.