CJ Anderson

In which city do you live?
Grand Rapids, MI

How long have you been in the business?
3 years

What inspired you want to get into the business?
I have been a fan for life, and have always wanted to do this. Truly a life long dream.

Where did you learn to wrestle?
In Gobles, MI trained by Josh Raymond.

What are your signature moves and/or your finishers?
Signatures: Spinebuster, stalling suplex, gut wrench suplex. Finishers: Eighty Sixed (hook like double arm ddt, lift, and I twist in to a cutter) Piledriver (Spike piledriver as tag team finisher with Ace Evans)

What promotions have you wrestled for?
Pure Pro Wrestling Michigan, Pure Pro Wrestling in NC, Universal Wrestling Alliance in Saginaw, MI. International Bigtime Wrestling in Detroit, MI. Hybrid Pro Wrestling in Paw Paw, MI. Fire Pro Wrestling in Merrillville, IN. Pro Wrestling King Bourbon, IN. Funkdafied Wrestling Fed Elkhart, IN. Northwest Ohio Wrestling in Toledo, OH. Independence Pro Wrestling in Benton Harbor, MI. Capitol Wrestling in Lansing, MI Bridgeman, MI George South ran a show, no promotion name, but wrestled my first trained match on his show.

What injuries have you sustained?
6 months in at Capitol Wrestling I broke my leg coming off the second rope. Boards were uneven, and my leg bent backwards at the knee. Earlier this summer I tore some ligaments in my shoulder getting Pounced by Monty Brown and I flew in to the ropes. Other than that I have been very fortunate to be safe.

Are you a face or a heel?

What style(s) do you do?
Brawler style, strikes, big powerful slams. Basic beat em up lol. I come off the top rope sometimes, doesn’t usually end well for me though. I need to quit doing that.

What’s your entrance music? Why did you choose it?
As a tag team Ace Evans had some custom music made, heavy drums and guitar riffs, motorcycle revving. When I wrestle singles action I use one of two depending on mood. The Terminator 2 theme by Daniel Tidwell, it’s a heavy metal version. Or I use Lake of Fire by Boondox. The terminator is iconic music that signifies business is about to pick up, the drum beat is very iconic. Lake of Fire by Boondox just has a creepy dark feel.

Tell us about your first and/or your most memorable match.
First memorable match was the first time I wrestled a big name. In PPW I was put in a singles match against Zach Gowen, and it was very surreal.

Who would you like to wrestle in the business? Why?
I would love to wrestle a match with Rhino. He has worked in PPW before, and he hit me with The Gore a few years ago when he stuck his nose in my business. I need to rectify that.

What are the largest and smallest crowds you’ve ever wrestled for?
I have wrestled for 20 people in a few places, and I have wrestled for 1000 people in Bridgeman, MI and Freeland, MI.

What do your friends and family think of you wrestling?
Worried I will get hurt, but proud that I have chased my dream.

If you could change anything about indy wrestling or how people perceive pro wrestling, what would you change and why?
Stop calling it fake. What we do is hard and it hurts. Also if you are not in the business, please stop ranting about how you would do it and keep your nose out of the backstage. If you are a worker on the indies, don’t bash mainstream wrestling. If you ever get a chance to work for them, it may bite you in the butt.

What advice would you give others just starting out in the business?
Learn from everyone, mouth shut, ears open, watch old wrestling, study wrestling’s roots, watch new wrestling to see what is getting over. Tear down and set up without being asked to, and dont stop to chat for 10 minutes after every board you carry. Go to shows you are not booked on just to offer a hand, and don’t expect to wrestle or get paid for every show when you start out. Do it for the passion and show you care.

What’s the best advice anyone in the business has given you?
Exactly what I posted on the previous question. Also my trainer told me to get good gear, spend the extra money to look legitimate. It sets you apart when you look the part. If you cannot afford t shirts or other merchandise just go to walmart and get a bunch of 8x10s printed for $1-2 and sell them for $5. Make people want to buy your stuff, that means they want to see you. Plus if the show draws bad, at least you have gas money to get home.

What do you want to be known for in the business?
Being safe, being professional, and being the guy anyone could work with and wanted to work with.

What would life be like for you if you didn’t make it into the WWE?
It would be a dream come true for sure, but it would mean so much to be able to provide for my family. If I was in WWE I could give them a better life, and honestly if it didn’t work out I would go back to the indies… just charge people more to book me LOL.

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