Jayden Steele

In which city do you live?

Gulf breeze FL

How long have you been in the business?
A year and a half

What inspired you want to get into the business?
My father working for WWF and taking me to the events and being in the locker room.

Where did you learn to wrestle?
I was trained by my father former WWF superstar Tony Parks who was trained by Randy Savage

What are your signature moves and/or your finishers?
The Real Deal, and Deal Breaker)

What promotions have you wrestled for?
APW, XW2000, SCW, Rampage Gateway, ACW

What injuries have you sustained?
Thankfully only one injury on my left knee and it’s 100 percent

Are you a face or a heel?
Face and heel depending on promotions…I prefer heel

What style(s) do you do?
I love technical, I can do powerhouse ,Lucha, Brawler

What’s your entrance music? Why did you choose it?
Five finger death punch-wash it all away…it motivates me behind the curtain and reminds me of everyone that said I would never make it as a wrestler)

Tell us about your first and/or your most memorable match.
The first time I ever laced up the boots, I got put in a 20min main event for the tag team titles I was ever so ready but oh so nervous…but it’s safe to say I stole the show and those fans knew who the Real Deal was that night

Who would you like to wrestle in the business? Why?
My father Tony Parks that match has always been MY wrestle mania moment the chemistry I have with that man is unbelievable a definite must see to anyone who wants an old wwf talent vs a second generation father vs son gimmick

What are the largest and smallest crowds you’ve ever wrestled for?
Largest 350 smallest 12

What do your friends and family think of you wrestling?
My friends love it and always want to get in the ring lol but my family my mom always wanted me to be an actor for how good it can act and never wanted me to wrestle and hurt my body…but hey this is in my blood. Iwas bred for this buisness the Old Man was thrilled I pursued the family business

If you could change anything about indy wrestling or how people perceive pro wrestling, what would you change and why?
The respect and old school factor it seems old school is a dieing breed now and the lack of respect the Indy locker rooms have for the guys who paved the way is repulsive and only wanna put themselves and there clique aka buddies over deserving talent

What advice would you give others just starting out in the business?
Be yourself don’t sell out and buddy up with the people who run promotions and only look out for themselves and there friends your work will stand out to the people who matter most and that’s the FANS.

What’s the best advice anyone in the business has given you?
One piece of advice comes from my Old Man and that’s “don’t SELL something that was botched or completely missed it looks like crap”.

Whats it like being a second generation wrestler son of a former WWF superstar?
It’s very difficult at times its more a curse then a blessing at times because when you walk into a promotion your seen as a threat and perceived more of your background and who you are then my work.

What do you want to be known for in the business?
I want to be the greatest wrestler to date when you bring that subject up I want to be mentioned there’s so much entertainment perspective, which is great and all and I can act just as good as the next guy but I grew up in a wwf locker locker room that wrestled there ass off and told the story with their body.

What would life be like for you if you didn’t make it into the WWE?
It wouldn’t change who I am as long as I have air in my lungs and a pair of boots and get to wrestler and put smiles on the fans faces I’d go to the grave happy I don’t wrestle for fortune and fame I do it for the fans…if I can put a smile on one person’s face everywhere I go that’s what makes it worth it without the fans we would be nothing!

What was training like for you considered the fact you were trained by a former wwf wrestler who was the only man ever to be trained by late, great Randy Macho Man Savage?
what can I say? He beat the hell out of me…and taught me the old school way and one thing he beat into me was discipline and respect from the boys down to the janitor you treat them all the same.

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