Jeremiah Plunkett

In which city do you live?
Lascassas, TN

How long have you been in the business?
Just over 12 years (debut match 7/23/2005)

What inspired you want to get into the business?
Growing up watching Memphis wrestling, seeing Jerry Lawler throw a fireball.

Where did you learn to wrestle?
I obtained my initial training by local NWA mainstays Mike Woods, Buzz Dupp, and Lee Condry.

What are your signature moves and/or your finishers?
That Tennessee Move (Piledriver – sometimes rope hung or avalanche), Asiatic Spike hold

What promotions have you wrestled for?
Notable promotions include Ohio Valley Wrestling, Traditional Championship Wrestling, Tried-N-True Pro Wrestling, Global Force Wrestling, and various NWA and AIWF affiliates

What injuries have you sustained?
Torn PCL, torn labrum, torn bicep, severe calf strain, multiple concussions

Are you a face or a heel?
I work either side of the coin, but I am predominantly a heel.

What style(s) do you do?
I like to mix old school Memphis storytelling, Strong Style influence striking, and a little technical wrestling

What’s your entrance music? Why did you choose it?
“Grizzled White Boy” by Mr. Mugg and Kountry Boi. This music was written and produced for me by Mr. Mugg and Kountry Boi of the Tennessee Butchers.

Tell us about your first and/or your most memorable match.
My first match, I was a replacement wrestler in a, I kid you not, 6 man tornado tag, hardcore rules match. I bled, was slammed into thumbtacks, and took the finish through light tubes. My most memorable match was in Clarksville, TN at Global Force Wrestling/Tried-N-True Pro Wrestling: Zero Hour with Crazzy Steve in a casket match. It was a blowoff to a 18 month feud.

Who would you like to wrestle in the business? Why?
I would like to eventually lock horns with Jerry Lawler. He was my inspiration to get into the wrestling business and is the one currently active Memphis wrestler I have not had the pleasure to hook up with.

What are the largest and smallest crowds you’ve ever wrestled for?
Largest: 1500 in Cookeville, TN. Smallest: 12 in Petersburg, TN

What do your friends and family think of you wrestling?
At first, my parents were against it and thought it was a phase. Now 12 years later, they are big supporters but constantly warn me to look out for my future.

If you could change anything about indy wrestling or how people perceive pro wrestling, what would you change and why?
Professional wrestling is subjective and an art form. I think professional wrestling is overly analyzed and scrutinized. Watch and support what you enjoy. Don’t watch or support what you don’t.

What advice would you give others just starting out in the business?
Never stop learning or trying to get better.

What’s the best advice anyone in the business has given you?
Focus on moments and emotions, not moves.

What do you want to be known for in the business?
I want to be known as a hardworking, dependable hand.

What would life be like for you if you didn’t make it into the WWE?
Honestly, I would be fine with that. WWE has never been my end goal. I’ve always been more hopeful for Japan.

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