Oliver Satchwell

In which city do you live in ?
I live in weston super mare

How long have you been in the business?
I’ve been in the business for 3 years and previously before joining I did Olympic style wrestling.

What inspired you want to get into the business?
There was always key wrestlers that inspired me to get into wrestling like triple h, John Cena. I feel what inspired me the most was that I would be entertaining people doing what I love

Where did you learn to wrestle?
I trained with Dragon Pro Wrestling and Royal Imperial

What are your signature moves and/or your finishers?
My finisher is called the “Satch Breaker” a spinning neck breaker

What promotions have you wrestled for?
Dragon Pro , Royal Imperial Wrestling, BCWF, AMP PRO, RCW

Are you a face or a heel?

What style(s) do you do?
Hard hitting

What’s your entrance music? Why did you choose it?
Black eye peas Pump it. I chose this because it always gets me in the zone.

Tell us about your first and/or your most memorable match.
My most memorable match to date would be against Dave Mastiff as he pushed me to my limits and further. It was a pleasure to wrestle one of the best in the business.

Who would you like to wrestle in the business? Why?
Matthew Riddle this is because without a doubt he is the top talent on the independent scene. Hard hitting would be an understatement.

What are the largest and smallest crowds you’ve ever wrestled for?
My smallest crowd was in a car shop which was an amazing experience. My biggest to date was in a leisure centre.

What do your friends and family think of you wrestling?
My friends and family are really supportive and I can’t thank them enough for that.

If you could change anything about indy wrestling or how people perceive pro wrestling, what would you change and why?
Nothing as I feel Indy Wrestling is at that level now where everybody knows what we have to offer. The talent is out of this world.

What advice would you give others just starting out in the business?
What you put in is what you get out.

What’s the best advice anyone in the business has given you?
Learn, Be Unique, Stay humble

What do you want to be known for in the business?
An individual who gives it their all every time they step in the ring

What would life be like for you if you didn’t make it into the WWE?
No different as I go where ever this wonderful path in the business takes me.

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