Pure Pro Wrestling

What’s the name of your school?
Pure Pro Wrestling

What’s your website url?

How long have you been in business?
Trainer Xavier Justice has been running PPW for 11 years.

Where is your school located?
Flint, MI

Who calls the shots at your school?
Xavier Justice and Ace Evans

How do wrestlers contact you for information?
email pure_pro_wrestling@yahoo.com or visit prowrestlingatitsfinest.com

What type of screening process do you have for students?
Meet with them in person.

Who are your teachers? What are their backgrounds?
Xavier Justice wrestling for 11+ years and Ace Evans wrestling for 7 years.

What styles does your school teach?
pro wrestling, hobby courses, fitness, nutrition, youth training and student showcase events where we have shows where the students put on the matches.

Is your school insured in case talent is injured?

What things make you unique than other school in the area? (Concentrate on your school – no talking smack about other schools.)
We do not talk down other promotions, we are a member of the AIWF and partner with promotions not only nationwide but are starting partnerships with promotions in other countries who are also with AIWF. We work shows some months on a weekly basis, at least twice a month, and we travel all over Michigan. We have a main ring set up in Flint, but travel all over the state.

What makes a good pro wrestling school?
We work on promos, marketing your character, using social media to promote yourself, you can work multiple times a month and all over the state, not only in one area. You have access to shows that the students are the matches and you can showcase yourself very similar to how nxt is for wwe.
Is your school affiliated with any promotions?

What advice would you give prospective students about getting into the business?
Keep your mouth shut and ears open. Learn all you can about past and present wrestling, learn all styles, indulge in every aspect.

Where are you on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)?

Do you have a YouTube channel where people can see examples of your classes?
We do not. If you search Pure Pro Wrestling Michigan you can see matches, but we do not have training class videos.

What is your current pricing structure?
$100 down, $50 a month. Pro certification $1000 which comes with 6 months worth of bookings with PPW. Again we run multiple times a month, so that is a lot of experience.

Do you want to share anything else about your school?
We are a family, we train as a family, we put on shows as a family and when you are here you are a part of this family.