Royal Imperial Wrestling

What’s the name of your promotion?
Royal Imperial Wrestling

What’s your website url?
We are working on it.

Who calls the shots at your promotion?
The fans/ Johnny Harris & PJ Shultz

Where is your promotion located?
South Wales

How do wrestlers contact you for booking information?
Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram and private email.

What do you want to see from potential talent?
That they can work a crowd and can Wrestle to a certain standard.

Sample matches?
On Royal Imperial Wrestling Youtube

Are you open to booking new talent or is your roster closed?
Always open for new talent.

Who are the current stars on your roster?
Oliver Satchwell, Lucky Bowden, Kat Von Kaige, Bishop, Jordan Carter, Pj Shultz and CJ Evans.

Do you book talent based on the number of followers on social media?
NO, we book based on talent and skill.

What styles of wrestling do you promote at your shows?
All Styles

Is your show family friendly?
Yes always.

Is your promotion insured in case talent is injured?
Fully Insured.

How long have you been in business?
6 Years but as promoters we have been in the business for 16 years.

What things make you unique than other promotions in the area?
We listen to fan reaction and decide on future outcomes based on that, and we always give our trainees oppurtinites when they are deemed ready.

Why should people come to see your shows?
Because We Are Royal, We Are Imperial and We Are Wrestling.

How many shows do you run a year?
Until 2017 it was three but we now promote 12 shows per year.

How many matches do you average per show?
was 28 Matches but this year considering massive show increase, we are up to 96 matches.

Why should wrestlers want to book a show with you?
We always have the performers and fans in mind, and strive to do what is best for the talent we book.

What do you look for in prospective talent?
Good psychology, presentable in ring skills, charisma and detication.

What are your average ticket prices?
£5 for children and £6 for adults family of for is £20.

Where are you on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)?
Facebook = Royal Imperial Wrestling Twitter = RIWWales instagram = Ryal.Imperial.Wrestling

Do you have a YouTube channel where people can see samples of your matches?
Yes. Royal Imperial Wrestling

How do you advertise your shows?
We use our social media pages and we also go door to door in our local area to promote our upcoming ventures.

How do you give back to your community?
We do Raffles and meet and greets at 90% of our shows, we also do many charity matches on our shows.