The Top Ten Ways To Increase Your Star Power

As we have shared before in previous articles, not everyone can make into the WWE.  It’s really a numbers game. There are only so many slots for only so many people.

One of our spotlight wrestlers had a tryout for the WWE. They didn’t make it. It wasn’t because he sucked. He just needed more time to cook. Of course, they were disappointed, but instead of grousing or throwing in the towel, he asked what he could do to improve. One of the suggestions was to increase his Star Power.

If you look at the WWE’s latest acquisitions such as Adam Cole or Donavan Dijak, they didn’t wait to be blessed by Vince McMahon to become stars in their own right.

Think about it this way: Hollywood blockbusters usually come from pre-existing material with a fan base. They seldom, if ever, take a chance on something original. They’re not willing to take that type of financial risk. You may be the best wrestler in the world but if people don’t know about you, you will never get the chance you deserve.

Here are the top ten ways you can make your star shine brighter than ever…

  1. Make Towns. It’s not enough to be one of the mainstays of your local promotion. Chances are that many people have never heard of it, let alone have heard of you.
  2. Network. Get to know people in the business, but come from a place of authenticity. While it is a matter of who you know,  establish a positive relationship with someone before ask them to introduce you to someone substantial. They need to know that you’re not a psycho and they need to be able to trust you that you won’t foul up that relationship.
  3. Get in shape. No, it doesn’t mean you have to have six pack abs, but it does mean you are in the best shape of your life. The more you’re in shape, the more promoters can rely on you to have the stamina to do a main event match.
  4. Take acting lessons. Now you’re probably going to say “What…?” Let’s be honest here. You are actors. You’re telling a story and you have to be believable. Some of the best wrestlers in the business have taken acting classes as well as improv classes. Dolph Ziggler, John Morrison and RJ City are some of the best entertainers in the business because they have taken the time to sharpen their acting skills. Improv helps you to think better on your feet and to adapt faster.
  5. Raise your visibility on social media. You need to have a Facebook fan page, an active Twitter Account, and an active Instagram account. Don’t just tweet about needing to fill open slots. Engage others. Show people what you’re up to. Be part of conversations, not just ask for a job. Don’t engage in negativity. Perception is everything. Read the tweets of those you admire on Social Media and you will see they keep things positive and don’t dwell on the negative. Resist the urge to jump into a conversation that’s ripping on someone or something. Avoid them like a STD.
  6. Be willing to accept constructive criticism. Remember that all feedback is just information. People who have your best interests at heart genuinely want you to improve. Stop spending time bitching and comparing. It will keep you small when you want to go big. Really big.
  7. Go to as many wrestling clinics as possible. You can never learn too much, and you never know who you will meet who in time could help you take things to the next level. (Plus it’s considered to be an educational expense so it can be tax deductible!)
  8. Build your street cred and your fan base. The more you have a track record of putting butts in the seats, the more people will sit up and take notice (and the more likely promoters… or ugh… corporations will hire you.)
  9. Get in front of a camera as much as possible. A great example of someone who gets this is Sammy Guevara. He has his own YouTube channel with tons of content. He is creating the evidence that he is hungry and is willing to go anywhere to make his dream happen. The more comfortable you are in front of a camera, the better.
  10. Stay humble. Don’t let success go to your head. Acknowledge the people who have contributed to your success. Thank you is not an overused term.

Most importantly, be the person you would want to look up to. Your future self starts right now.