Vinnie Moon

Photo Credit: Kevin Bennett

What city do you live in?
I live in North Tonawanda, New York

How long have you been in the business?
March 31st was my first match. So almost 8 months.

What made you want to get into the business?
I grew up watching wrestling as a kid, and like many young kids John Cena was my favorite as a kid. I just loved watching wrestling. What inspired me truly to get into the business was when Kevin Bennett moved in next door, and finding out that he was into wrestling way more than I was. We became great friends and as I got older, it was made clear to me that I could do this. I remember waiting until the day I turned 16 so I could start training. Basically, I knew at a young age that wrestling was what I wanted to do.

Where did you learn to wrestle?
I learned the basics from Kevin Bennett right as I started training at age 16 at the monthly seminars that Empire State Wrestling would hold. Those seminars where some of the greatest.

Credit: Chris Jewell

To learn from guys like Adam Cole, Jamin Olivencia, Tyson Dux, and Rich Swann just to name a few was truly a fortunate, incredible learning experience for me. Currently, I still do the monthly seminars that Empire State Wrestling holds before shows as well as weekly at a school called Grapplers Anonomyous Pro Wrestling Training located in Lackawanna, New York under Brandon Thruston, Mikey Everynite, “Kaiju” Chris West, and Impact Wrestling Star Braxton Sutter.

What are your signature moves?
As a signature I currently us a Lightening Spiral. My finishers are the Moon Landing (modified back-suplex), and To The Moon And Back (sunset-flip powerbomb).

What promotions have you worked for?
So far, I have wrestled for IWF- International Wrestling Federation, PWR- Pro Wrestling Rampage, NCW- Nickel City Wrestling, UW- Ultimate Wrestling, STW- Southern Tier Wrestling, and ESW- Empire State Wrestling.

What injuries have you sustained?
I haven’t really sustained any major injuries. Just the expected bumps and bruises.

Credit: TMK Wrestling Video Photography

Are you a face or a heel?
I have worked as a heel before, but I am primarily a face.

What style(s) do you wrestle?
I would say my style is a combination of striking as well as some high flying. When I can, I’ll try and hit some big moves on some guys, but I usually don’t and I have to stick and move. I do a little bit of mat wrestling as well.

What is your entrance music and why did you choose it?
My entrance music is Take On Me by A-Ha. I have used other songs, but this is the primary song that I use. I chose it because I feel that it really represents me. I’m not a big guy. I’m very much the underdog in a lot of my matches, and listening to this song I feel really represents that. I may be small, but don’t underestimate me. This song is just an overall happy, bouncy song and I feel very much like that as a person.

Tell us about your first match.
My first match was nothing like I would have ever expected. I wasn’t even booked on the show prior to it. I was just driving a bunch of my Buffalo brothers to the show because they were on it. Anyways, when I found out that I was needed, I was super excited, but way more nervous. The guy that I ended up wrestling was Cassius Cutcher who I actually saw wrestle on a show many years prior before I even started training, so I though that was really cool. I remember right before I went through the curtain I was really nervous, but as soon as I stepped out into the entrance way it all went away. The match went really well and it was in front of 200-300 people, the biggest crowd I have ever wrestled for. After the match, all the guys that I have been training with all congratulated me, and it was just an overall awesome moment for me.

Who would you like to wrestle?
I would love to wrestle a bunch of guys that I train with, but overall I would love to wrestle Kevin Bennett. I’ve known the guy since I was like 12 or 13, and he has done so much for me as far as getting me started in the business, keeping me on the right track, giving me advice, working out with me, and just being a great friend. He as well as all my Buffalo brothers have truly been a huge support in my career. The wrestling bond in Buffalo is truly unreal. I truly would not be where am I right now in wrestling if it wasn’t for Kevin as well as all of my Buffalo brothers’ support and dedication to help me be the best I can be.

Credit: TMK Pro Wrestling Photography

What are the largest and smallest crowds you’ve wrestled for?
200-300 people was the largest crowd I ever wrestled in front of. 50-100 was the smallest.

What do your family and friends think of your choice to wrestle?
My family and friends all think that what I do is really cool, and they continue to support me each and every week. They come to my shows, help me out financially, and just overall provide great encouragement to me.

What would you change about wrestling if you had the chance?
People perceive pro wrestling as fake. It is the farthest thing from it. We put our bodies on the line each and every time we perform. It doesn’t matter if you’re the strongest guy, or the biggest guy. It doesn’t matter if you have done the same move hundreds of times. Things can go wrong, and one wrong thing in wrestling could change your career. Non-wrestling fans will look at a wrestler and think that “oh of course he’s fine” or “he’s not hurt”, but you never know. I just want wrestling to be given the respect that it deserves.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?
I’ve been given this advice a lot and it really sticks with me. “Always be humble, and keep your ears open.” I feel that this is the best advice anyone could give someone whether they’re green or not. You are only going to get better by getting advice from those who came before you or others that are with you. It will never hurt to receive new advice. I feel that someone giving another wrestler this advice shows that that they care about you and your career. So, always listen.

What if you don’t make it into the WWE?
If I didn’t make it to the WWE, I would obviously be disappointed. That’s what most of us are here for is to make to the WWE, GFW, ROH, or any other major wrestling promotion today. I of course want to make it in wrestling, and I am going to continue to work hard every week to make sure that I am doing all that I can do to make it happen. If I don’t make it to WWE or any other major company, I think that I will be okay. As long as I know that I did everything I could to make it happen, I’ll be okay. That’s all you can do in life is try you hardest at something that you love.

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